More New Shows

We continue to add more shows to our broadcast day and more titles in many of the categories.

We have lots more “vintage” movies from the 30s, 40s and 50s. Not the most well known movies of those days, because they are still under copyright protection, but a good selection none the less.

We are building our library of “vintage” cartoons, like Betty Boop, that can be seen every Saturday at 8 AM.

Likewise, we are building our library of “vintage ” TV show episodes, like The Avengers, The Lucy Show and others that can be seen throughout the day.

Through MassAccess, a consortium of Massachusetts public TV stations, we are able to add shows to our broadcast schedule that were produced by other member stations.

I’d like to thank Scott at GCTV in Greenfield for generously sharing some of their programs, like Homegrown, with us.