New old movies on Channel 17 is a great place to find old movies that are now in the public domain and not subject to copyright protection. They have all sorts of films from the early 1900’s up to the 50’s. You can watch the movies online, but we download them for broadcast on Falls Cables’ Channel 17. We’ve recently added the following short and long films, so look for them in upcoming weeks.

The Little Rascals 1930

Love Laughs at Andy Hardy starring Mickey Rooney 1946

My Man Godfrey starring William Powell and Carole Lombard 1936

Spooks Run Wild starring Bela Legosi and the Bowery Boys 1941

Kid Dynamite – The Bowery Boys 1943

Hi-De-Ho – Cab Calloway

His Girl Friday – Cary Grant and Rosiland Russell 1940

The Golf Specialist – W.C. Fields

Quicksand – Mickey Rooney and Peter Lorre

Suddenly – Frank Sinatra and Sterling Hayden