Celebrate Shelburne Falls

Recently, The American Planning Association named The Village of Shelburne Falls in Buckland and Shelburne one of Five Great Neighborhoods on APA’s 2018 Great Places in America List.

An event was held in the Community Center on Oct. 18 to celebrate the award.

The keynote was by John Mullin, Emeritus Professor of Urban Planning at the University of Massachusetts – Shelburne Falls: Uniqueness, Specialization and Cachet

The event was moderated by Stephen Kulik, Representative 1st District Franklin County Massachusetts and was hosted by the Shelburne Falls Area Partnership.

A video of the event can be found by clicking on the Shows pull-down menu above and selecting Other.

Buckland Selectboard Candidates Forum – Aug. 27, 2018

A candidates forum was held in Buckland Town Hall on Monday, Aug. 27 and Falls Cable was there to record it. It will be shown on Channel 17 several times a week until the election on Sept. 11. Check the daily schedules that appear as part of our Bulletin Board that runs when no programs are being shown for times.

It is also available here on our web site. Choose the Town Government pull-down menu above and select Buckland and you’ll find it there.

Farm Bug Co-op Public Presentation

An informational meeting was held in the Buckland Town Hall to discuss the applications of two local residents to become cannabis cultivators as part of the Farm Bug Co-Op, a Somerville based cultivator cooperative.

A video can be found in the above Shows pull down menu under Other.

The meeting will also be broadcast on Falls Cable’s Channel 17 for Comcast subscribers. Times will be listed on the Schedule pages of the Bulletin Board that runs when no program is scheduled.

For example, Friday July 20 at 1 and 7 PM.

We Are Back On The Air Again

We were, once again, off the air for a few days as we completed a major hardware upgrade to our broadcast equipment. As of Wednesday June 6 we are back on the air.

Thank you all for your patience.

There are still some “tweeks” to be made as we learn more about the equipment but they should not interrupt our daily program schedule.

We’re back on the air

We located a used server and we are back on the air. This will be a temporary solution as we will be doing a major upgrade to our server and other broadcast related software and hardware in the near future.

Unfortunately the Bulletin Board is not functioning yet so you’ll just see a single slide on the screen when there is no programming. Occasionally you might see a black screen but stay tuned as programming will soon continue.

There may be adjustments to our daily schedules so some programs you might have seen at a certain time might be shown at a slightly different time – for instance, Democracy Now was seen at 12:30 PM and will now be seen at 12PM and The David Pakman show will now be seen at 5 PM.

When a new Bulletin Board is up and running you’ll be able to see a daily schedule.

Thank you for your patience.

The Board of Directors and staff of Falls Cable Corporation

Why we’re off the air

We never expected that it would take this long to solve our technical difficulties. We feel very strongly about our commitment to the Buckland and Shelburne residents to provide programs of local interest, like the Selectboard meetings, as well as other informative and entertaining programming from outside sources. Our inability to do this has been very frustrating for all involved.

Several weeks ago, our server, the major piece of hardware that enables us to send our programming to Comcast for distribution to their subscribers, crashed. We contacted the manufacturer and were told we would have to buy a new service contract before they could help us. The server was purchased in 2011 and at that time it was the most widely used server amongst public access community TV stations. They did not offer free technical support and the station bought a five year service contract that has expired, thus, their requirement that we buy another service contact before they will diagnose our problem or fix our problem. It could be a very minor problem but we have no way of knowing until we buy the contract. Negotiations with them have failed to alter their stance.

We have received a proposal from the manufacturer on a new server but that would also require the extra purchase of a service agreement that adds a substantial amount to the overall cost.

We are now in the process of learning more about other server manufacturers – we have a meeting with a representative on Wed. April 11 – and hope to have a recommendation for our Board of Directors on a new server by their meeting on April 17. If a purchase is approved at that meeting we hope it will not be too long afterwards that it can be purchased, delivered and installed. After a short training period we should be back on the air.

A post will be added here to update our status on April 18.