Public Forums

The Towns of Buckland and Shelburne will both hold public forums before their annual Town Meetings to help residents better understand the warrant items before voting on them.

Buckland – Monday, April 25 – 7 PM – Buckland Town Hall.

Shelburne – Wednesday, April 27 – 6:30 PM – Buckland Shelburne Elementary.

Falls Cable will tape both forums and broadcast them on Channel 17 several times before the Town Meetings. They will also be available for viewing here at

Shelburne Selectboard meeting technical problems

There were technical problems with the camera that recorded the Jan. 25 meeting. There are several interruptions to the video over the first half hour that required stopping and restarting the camera. After not being able to find a solution to the video problems it was decided to continue recording with no view of the board members or other speakers but still recording the audio. We apologize for any inconvenience.


FlowTV is produced through the facilities of Falls Cable.

FlowTV is an after-school program for students at the Buckland Shelburne Elementary School coordinated by John Snyder.

Episode 1 features Marie Gauthier and her son Vincent talking about their participation in the recent Hot Chocolate Run to Benefit Safe Passage and Ainsley Bogel talks about The Hunger Games.

REEL World – Divide in Concord

From Sat. Nov. 21 to Friday Dec. 4 REEL World will feature the documentary Divide in Concord.

Divide in Concord is a feature-length documentary that follows the entertaining tale of banning bottled water in small town America.

In 1775, Concord patriots fired the infamous ‘shot heard round the world’ that began a Revolution and defined a nation. Now a local eighty-four year-old woman has waged another seemingly unwinnable battle. For three years Jean Hill has been trying to rid the town of single-serve plastic bottles of water. Complete with strong opposition from local merchants and the bottled water industry, Jean is once again leading the controversial crusade.

“A fascinating, entertaining look at how persistence and citizen action still means something in a corporate-controlled society.”  Michael Moore