Upcoming Surveys

The Towns of Buckland and Shelburne have entered the negotiation phase for a new Television Services contract with Comcast. The current contract does not expire until 2022 but negotiations can start within 36 months of the expiration date. The contract term will be 10 years. The Town’s respective Cable Committees have joined together in a joint cable advisory committee that will represent the towns in a joint negotiation with Comcast.

As part of the “ascertainment” process the towns are required to hold a public hearing to provide a forum for local residents to express their comments about Comcast and their suggestions for the Towns to consider in a negotiation for Comcast Television Services ( the contract is only for Television Services, it does not include Internet or Phone or Mobile services provided by Comcast/Xfinity ).

Preliminary to setting a date for the public hearing Buckland and Shelburne will be distributing a survey to local residents to gauge their satisfaction levels with Comcast. The Town of Shelburne’s upcoming 2020 Census mailing will include a one page survey that Shelburne residents can fill out and return. The survey will also be available at soon to be selected locations.

The Town of Buckland will make the survey available to their residents at the Town Hall and other soon to be selected locations in January 2020.


In addition, Falls Cable will be developing a survey for Buckland and Shelburne residents regarding Falls Cable’s Channel 17. It will be available online and at soon to be selected locations. More information will be coming in January 2020. The questions will be focused on the resident’s viewing habits, satisfaction levels and will ask for comments and/or suggestions about Falls Cable’s programming on Channel 17. It will also ask for feedback about this web site.

Updates will be provided when available.