Why we’re off the air

We never expected that it would take this long to solve our technical difficulties. We feel very strongly about our commitment to the Buckland and Shelburne residents to provide programs of local interest, like the Selectboard meetings, as well as other informative and entertaining programming from outside sources. Our inability to do this has been very frustrating for all involved.

Several weeks ago, our server, the major piece of hardware that enables us to send our programming to Comcast for distribution to their subscribers, crashed. We contacted the manufacturer and were told we would have to buy a new service contract before they could help us. The server was purchased in 2011 and at that time it was the most widely used server amongst public access community TV stations. They did not offer free technical support and the station bought a five year service contract that has expired, thus, their requirement that we buy another service contact before they will diagnose our problem or fix our problem. It could be a very minor problem but we have no way of knowing until we buy the contract. Negotiations with them have failed to alter their stance.

We have received a proposal from the manufacturer on a new server but that would also require the extra purchase of a service agreement that adds a substantial amount to the overall cost.

We are now in the process of learning more about other server manufacturers – we have a meeting with a representative on Wed. April 11 – and hope to have a recommendation for our Board of Directors on a new server by their meeting on April 17. If a purchase is approved at that meeting we hope it will not be too long afterwards that it can be purchased, delivered and installed. After a short training period we should be back on the air.

A post will be added here to update our status on April 18.