Buckland Select Board Meeting

The Buckland Select Board is returning to in-person meetings in the Buckland Town Hall on Tuesday June 29. Falls Cable is not able to broadcast this meeting live, nor can it record it. Thus, there will be no video of the June 29 meeting available here on the website.

Falls Cable will start broadcasting the meeting live at 5:30 PM, and recording the meeting for addition to the Falls Cable website, on Tuesday July 13.


April 12 Shelburne Select Board Meeting

There were some technical problems with the recording of this meeting so it was never broadcast on Channel 17. It is here on the website now for people who want to catch up on it. There has been a subsequent meeting on April 26 that is also available. When you visit the Shelburne page under the Town Government link in the top menu be sure to run your mouse/cursor over the image to select the one you want to view.

Zoom Select Board Meetings

Shelburne and Buckland Select Boards are now using Zoom for virtual meetings. Falls Cable can not broadcast them live but they are available for viewing/listening here on this web site. And, they are rebroadcast on Channel 17 – Shelburne at 2 and 7 PM on Monday and Wednesday and at 2 PM on Saturday and Sunday – Buckland at 2 PM and 7 PM on Tuesday and Thursday and after the Shelburne meeting on Saturday and Sunday.